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Edible trees

For most, the vegetable garden is a hard work for six months. However, for some, most work comes down to choosing a suitable place for planting, caring for the plant in the early years, and harvesting in the coming decades. These are the ones who plant edible trees - not only traditional fruit trees, but also less familiar forest and semi-cultivated ones, which give edible flowers, oils, seeds, nuts, leaves, juice and bark in addition to fruits. As well as many other benefits for us humans (fibers, dyes, wood, mycorrhizal fungi, shade), as well as for domestic and wild residents of our area (food and habitat), reducing greenhouse gas emissions and launching carbon sequestration (carbon remains in soil and accumulates in large biomass), stabilizing soils and increasing their fertility and feeding groundwater.

In many particularly tropical regions, traditional farming consisted in creating multi-tiered, overproductive and highly biodiversity-intensive forests. For temperate climates, this concept has been adapted in the form of sparse gardens, and Plants for the Future has created an information base of more than 7,000 plants suitable for open-air cultivation in temperate climates and presents it in a convenient format for creating multifunctional, self-sufficient plant groups. This book gathers information on the 50 edible trees selected by the organization, indicating for each type its growth conditions (including compatibility and optimal planting location), nutritional and therapeutic rating, reproduction and care methods.

Plants for the Future did a generous offer to us by offering to translate their books without paying royalties. By making an order or a charitable donation, you will not only help pay for the work of a translator and editor, but also support the Plants for the Future project, for which we have foreseen 200 euros. All the profit will go to publishing new books.

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eBook 100 UAH (free for military and their families, migrants, residents of Donbass and Crimea who want to live in a united peaceful Ukraine)

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