Founded: 2017

PDC of the founder:

Type: Demonstration, Experimental

Character: private household, farm, ecovillage/community


The Green House project was founded in a semi-abandoned village in the Kharkiv region in a picturesque and eco-friendly location as a permaculture farm in 2017. Now we are developing in such areas as: forestry, beekeeping, organic farming, aquaculture, pottery and others. At the moment we are organizing an ecovillage on the basis of our village. We also plan to launch a training program for seekers and practitioners in the future.

Elements and management methods in use: mulchingmixed plantingsuntraps, forest garden, warm Rozum bedshugel beds, suntraps, agroforestry and alley cropping, aquaculture, forest (sustainable management), crafts, cob building, strawbales building, efficient heating, permaculture pond, rainwater harvesting, greywater management
Solutions for functional integration of the elements: Natural beauty of Nature as alternative to English and French methods
Zoning and object placement according to sectors: Crater garden as basis of landscape changes on the slope
Accepting visitors: in open days
Accepting volunteers: in warm period, for a week, hosting in a guesthouse, independent cooking with products of the hosts
What can volunteers learn: beekeeping, agroforestry, aquaculture, crowing seedlings for a forest garden from seeds, growing exotic plants, pottery 
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