Founded: 2019

PDC of the founder

Permaculture teacher certificate: 

Type: education and demonstration

Character: private household, farm, educational institution

Description: The cheese production was founded in 2019. In 2020 we launched a carbon farm. Today we hold educative excurions and events to promote countruside way of life, nature protection, restoring the balance between humans and the wild world, waste sorting. We reuse the packaging, grow gardens and constantly experiment. 

Elements and management methods in use: mulchingmixed planting, hugel beds, farm animals in nature, energy crops, crafts, biogas production, rainwater harvesting, community supported agriculture

Solutions for functional integration of the elements: recycling in building, heating with composted manure

Zoning and object placement according to sectors: 

Accepting visitors: by appointment, in open days, accessible to disabled people, children friendly, you can come with a dog, there is a possibility to make an excursion to the surroundings

Accepting volunteers: by appointment

What can volunteers learn: experience of moving from the city to the countryside, getting the land, building a farm, taking care of animals and transforming manure into biohumus, recycling in building

Reviews and comments: