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«When everybody is at home»

Project for the competition "Lanscape Spring 2018"

In the spring of 2018 the team of designers of NGO 'Permaculture in Ukraine' took part in the international competition 'Landcape Spring' that was held in Gryshko National Kyiv Botanical Garden. Our project was awarded Golden Silver prize in the catagory of Big Gardens.
Facebook page of the project: https://www.facebook.com/naszavesna/
The project was realized by volunteers with the financial help of supporters.
Author of the project: Volodymyr Vetrogradskyi
Coordinator of the project: Iryna Kazakova
Wooden work: Volodymyr Vetrogradskyi and Andrey Strelets
Plants from: Присадибне господарство Родини Білоус
Realisation of the project: Liliya MorugaAnastasiya VolkovaPavlo ArdanovOlesia PanchenkoValentyna Movchan and many other helpers.




Creation of the project: