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Permaculture Design: A Step-by-step Guide


Create functional and real projects with Aranya's Step-by-Step Permaculture Design Guide!

How to make the design of a plot of land or a social project that meets the needs and possibilities of the client and his circle and creates a healthy, harmonious environment? You will learn about this from a 191-page guide written in 2012 by Aranya, an experienced permaculture designer and teacher from UK. The book is indispensable for designers and will be useful for anyone who owns a plot of land, is interested in ecology and a healthy lifestyle, or who wants to make positive social change. The guide contains numerous illustrations, charts and acronyms that make the permaculture design process clear and understandable.

This wonderful guide was translated into Ukrainian and published by NGO Permaculture in Ukraine with the support of the Natur Boutique Organic Stores!

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Price: 240 UAH, wholesale (from 5 books)  price and price for volunteers 165 UAH

eBook 50 UAH (free for military and their families, migrants, residents of Donbass and Crimea who want to live in a united peaceful Ukraine)

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