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Introduction to Permaculture

"Introduction to Permaculture" by Bill Mollison is a generously illustrated book with detailed diagrams and drawings that introduces readers to the basic concepts and design strategies of permaculture.

Includes topics: energy efficiency analysis, planning and design methods, finding place for a house, design for temperate, arid and tropical regions, urban permaculture, land access and public funding strategies, chickens and pigs self-feeding systems, garden and forest planting, creation and the use of microclimates and a large section of grouped by category plant species, resistant to different climates, with different heights and uses.

The book is written as a step-by-step introduction to permaculture with detailed instructions. In simple words, it explains the concept of permaculture and its practical use. Almost no material from other Mollison books.

This classic book is a revised edition that combines the philosophy of land use, farming and livestock farming, ecological irrigation, and more. It forms a clear and inspiring picture of what sustainable agriculture can be and how it should be. Contains many hand-drawn illustrations.

The book was published with the support of donors, among others the project "German-Ukrainian Cooperation in Organic Farming".

The team of our organisation is grateful to everyone who supported the translation with pre-orders and donations.

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Price: 240 UAH, wholesale (from 5 books) price and price for volunteers 135 UAH

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