Founded: 2018

PDC of the founder:

Type: education, demonstration, experimental

Character: private household


Marcik Lili is a permaculture center for children in Montenegro.

Permaculture Children's Club was established in 2018 with the purpose of teaching and demonstrating the potential of permaculture to children and adults. We have a greenhouse and 1200m2 of Warm Rosum/Owsinski beds, where children and adults grow more than 120 species of greens and vegetables with absolutely no chemical and biological treatment

Elements and management methods in use: mulchingmixed plantingwarm Rozum beds, dry toilet, community supported agriculture
Solutions for functional integration of the elements: 
Zoning and object placement according to sectors: 
Accepting visitors: by appointment, accessible for disabled people, accessible for children, you can come with a dog, there is a possibility of an excursion to the surroundings
Accepting volunteers: all year long, with your own tent independent cooking with products of the hosts
What can volunteers learn: permaculture, how to create warm beds