Founded: 2014

PDC of the founder:

Type: education and demonstration, experimental

Character: private household, farm. public garden, educational institution, ecovillage/community


Permaculture center in a form of family ecovillage of open type. It consists of separate family estates that form local self-goverment. Educational and medical insfrastructure is being established here as well as farm business and tourism based on cooperation and coordination, organizing seminars, festivals etc

Elements and management methods in use: mulchingmixed plantingwindbreak, forest garden, warm Rozum beds, biodynamics, natural animal keeping, energy crops, growing mushrooms, agroforestry and alley cropping, aquaculture, aquaponics, hedge, forest (sustainable management), crafts, sun greenhouse, cob building, strawbales building, passive house, efficient heating, alternative energy, permaculture pond, rainwater harvesting, dry toilet, community supported agriculture
Solutions for functional integration of the elements: 
Zoning and object placement according to sectors: 
Accepting visitors: by appointment, independent visit is possible, you can come with a dog, there is a possibility of an excursion to the surroundings
Accepting volunteers: by appointment, for one day, for a week-end, with your own tent
What can volunteers learn:

how to build an ecovillage