Founded: 2018

PDC of the founder: 2017

Permaculture teacher certificate: 2020

Type: education and demonstration, experimental

Character: private household


There has been no human intervention on this site for 8 years. There is now abundance of Nature! Currently, it is wild, impenetrable thickets, but behind it hides the "Summer Garden", a permaculture center and a sustainable homestead for people with disabilities.
Together with you we will learn and teach permaculture: how to organize habitation and everyday life of people with disabilities, how to zone the territory, how to create a forest garden, warm Rozum beds, suntraps, green rooms for rest, drop watering with raised tanks, how to protect water basins and to increase biodiversity.
This is the beginning of this story, and you have a unique opportunity to follow the creation of a permaculture center from scratch! On my native land in the village of Velyka Sevastianivka together with my son we will plan our territory. We already have our forest. What is left is to add a garden. Let's do it together!
This space is accessible to disabled people. And visitors (guests, volunteers, students) are accepted by appointment in warm season (without staying for the night or with your tent for a week-end).
Elements and management methods in use: mulchingmixed plantingwindbreak, forest garden, warm Rozum beds, spiral beds, keyhole beds, swales, suntraps, energy crops, growing mushrooms, hedge, rainwater harvesting, dry toilet, drop watering from a tank with rainwater from the roof
Solutions for functional integration of the elements: system of rainwater harversting and drop watering of a pyramidal bed from tyres
Zoning and object placement according to sectors:
Accepting visitors: by appointment, accessible to disabled people, without children, there is a possibility of an excursion to the surroundings
Accepting volunteers: by appointment, in warm season: May-September, for one day, for a week-end with your own tent, paid food (cafe not far)
What can volunteers learn: create and take care of all the mentioned elements