Founded: 2011

PDC of the founder:

Type: experimental

Character: private household


Private household of Buriakivsky family was founded in 2011 with the perpuse of making their life more simple and be closer to their calling. We produce cheese and dairy products, vegetables, berries, fruits and sell it. We built our eco-house, have a lake, a vegetable garden, homemade wind turbines, solar panels, walipini. We organise thematic excursions: organic agriculture, eco-construction, energy independence. We host volunteers. 

We are traditions of the Ukrainian village in combination with world experience. Practical implementation of permaculture principles, self-sufficiency, common sense.

Elements and management methods in use: mulchingmixed plantingsuntraps, animal tractor, energy crops, crafts, valipini greenhouse, cob building, strawbales building, passive house, efficient heating, alternative energy, geothermal energy, permaculture lake, greywater management, dry toilet
Solutions for functional integration of the elements: 
Zoning and object placement according to sectors: 
Accepting visitors: by appointment, without children, there is a possibility of an excursion to the surroundings
Accepting volunteers: by appointment, all year long, with own tent, accommodation in the house with hosts, food provided
What can volunteers learn: Every volunteer has his or her expectations for us. We try to find it out and, if possible, to satisfy it by planning of work and communication. We share our experience with pleasure. It is very easy to help a person who knows what he or she wants.
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