Founded: 2017

PDC of the founder:

Type: experimental

Character: private household

Description: Bogara Scientific Society is engaged in the study, development and implementation of low-cost sustainable land management technologies in the arid conditions of the South Ukrainian steppe. The company's interests also include the study of technologies for the conservation and reproduction of the endemic rare and endangered flora of the southern Dnieper region.

Elements and management methods in use: mulchingmixed planting, warm Rozum beds, swales, cob building

Solutions for functional integration of the elements: the system of crop rotation, the system of paths combined with a system of swales for saving rainwater, honeycomb system of perennials planting

Zoning and object placement according to sectors:

Accepting visitors: by appointment, without children, there is a possibility to make an excursion to the surroundings

Accepting volunteers: by appointment

What can volunteers learn: