Founded: 2018

PDC of the founder: 2017

Permaculture teacher certificate: 2020

Type: education and demonstration

Character: private household


Private household of the Bilous family has been functioning for many decades. It grows early spring seedlings of vegetables and flowers, produces seeds, does organic gardening. And also it grows plants for forest gardens. In 2019 a lake was created, a forest garden is being created, there are different types of beds, rainwater harvesting, greenhouses, plants nurseries, a henyard. Were layed plantations of asparagus and lavender.
Elements and management methods in use: mulchingmixed plantingwindbreak, forest garden, warm Rozum beds, hugel beds, suntraps, chicken tractor, energy crops, growing mushrooms, agroforestry and alley cropping, rainwater harvesting, community-supported agriculture
Solutions for functional integration of the elements: interesting gesign solutions can be seen at place
Zoning and object placement according to sectors: interesting gesign solutions can be seen at place
Accepting visitors: by appointment, there is a possibility of an excursion to the surroundings
Accepting volunteers: by appointment
What can volunteers learn: how to grow seedlings and take care of the plants, how to harvest and keep seeds of vegetables and flowers 
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