Founded: 2020

PDC of the founder: courses in Russia

Permaculture teacher certificate:

Type: education and demonstration, experimental

Character: Settlement / community

Description: The family estate "Ozarenie" was founded in autumn 2020 in the cozy village of Verkhnia Ozeriana, Kharkiv region. It is surrounded by oak forests. Harmonization of man and nature, permaculture design of a forest garden and a vegetable garden, nursery of seedlings, domed greenhouses and houses. Spiritual practices and meditation. All this can be studied in practice. We accept volunteers from April to October.

Elements and management methods in use: mulchingmixed planting, forest garden, warm Rozum beds, energy crops, growing of mushrooms, greenhouse, energy efficient house, alternative energy, rain water harvesting, compost toilet,  spheical houses

Solutions for functional integration of the elements:

Zoning and object placement according to sectors:

Accepting visitors: by appointment, you can come with a dog

Accepting volunteers: by appointment, in the warm season, with your own tent, accommodation in the house with hostsfood provided, you can bring your own food

What can volunteers learnPractical experience in permaculture and production of eco-products, construction from natural materials

Reviews and comments: