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Network of Permaculture Centers

About the network

The Permaculture Training and Demonstration Centers Network was established in January 2017 at the Second Permaculture convergence and developed with the assistance of volunteers and with the support of the International Visegrad Fund. It is part of the European and Visegrad LAND (Permaculture Learning and Demonstration Network) and the iLAND World Network. In the Permaculture Centers you will find numerous opportunities for study (courses, excursions and volunteering), buying organic products, finding experts and exchanging seeds.

Permaculture Center is a household or a farm that functions according to the ethical principles of permaculture (care for the earth, care for people, fair share), designed in accordance with the principles of permaculture design (each element has several functions, each function is performed by several elements, the use of natural flows and cycles, development and use of boundary effects, etc.), and its main purpose is to share the experience and knowledge of permaculture.


The map of permaculture centers

Educational institution
 Urban garden



  Region Name and link to the profile Category Short description
Ivano-Frankivsk Beregynia Educational institution The "Beregynia" Center grows since 2017 medicinal plants and spices and runs the School of Longevity. It has a pond, a forest garden, Warm Rozum beds, nursery of Antonovka apple trees, a woodworking shop, wood carving.
Khmelnytskyi Private household of the Bilous family Household

Lavender field, 100 meter long Warm Rozum beds, flower greenhouses, nursery for forest garden plants, sells vegetable seeds and flowers, organises excursions and gives consultations.

Zaporizhia Bogara Household We study, develop and implement technologies of low-input farming in arid steppe regions.
Kyiv The Hlyboki Balyky Ecological Research Station Educational institution Ensuring sustainable development of Rzhyshchiv Community in balance with nature
Kharkiv Household EcoBuriaky Household We produce cheese and dairy products, vegetables, berries, fruits and sell it. We built our eco-house, have a lake, a vegetable garden, homemade wind turbines, solar panels, walipini. We organise thematic excursions: organic agriculture, eco-construction, energy independence. We host volunteers.

Kharkiv Green House Household

The Green House project was founded in a semi-abandoned village in the Kharkiv region in a picturesque and eco-friendly location as a permaculture farm in 2017. Now we are developing in such areas as: forestry, beekeeping, organic farming, aquaculture, pottery and others.

Kyiv Zeleni Kruchi Community/ecovillage

Ecovillage and permaculture center Zeleni Kruchi (Green Hills) is located in Kyiv region. We run courses in permaculture, grow products for sale, have a hotel for tourists.

Dnipro Zelenyy Gay Cheese Farm Farm

Carbon farm, cheese production, camping and love

Khmelnytskyi Rambura Flower Household  Permaculture Center on the basis of a Family Estate
Kyiv  Rodaria  Household Restoring soil fertility on sandy soils, growing organic food and seedlings, creating a forest garden, conducting trainings, green tourism
Dnipro Krin-Кrin Urban garden

Permaculture center in the city. We study and develop models of regenerative landscape design that provide reliable profit, maintain soil fertility, and biodiversity.

Cherkassy Summer Garden  Household Forest garden, Warm Rozum beds, green room, heat traps, zoning, watering system, riparian buffer - zone 5, nishes for various wild animals.
Kharkiv Family estate «Ozarenie» Household The family estate "Ozarenie". Permaculture, forest garden, harmonization of man and nature, dome construction, cob construction.
Kyiv Ecovillage of family homesteads ARATTA Community/ecovillage Permaculture center in a form of family ecovillage. Activities: farm business and tourism based on cooperation and coordination, organizing seminars, festivals etc.
Poltava Eva's Garden Household The household Eva’s Garden is located in the small village of Romanivka. The founder is engaged in: creation of a forest garden, introduction of permaculture principles, cultivation and harvesting of medicinal and spicy plants.
Montenegro Marcik Lili Household Permaculture Children's Club was established in 2018 with the purpose of teaching and demonstrating the potential of permaculture to children and adults. We have a greenhouse and 1200m2 of Warm Rosum/Owsinski beds, where children and adults grow more than 120 species of greens and vegetables with absolutely no chemical and biological treatment


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